Planes (Rough Version)


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Rough first take of Planes, will properly finish it soon.


rememeber when the sky's used to be plane
now theres just planes in the sky full of people just flying away
begging for mercey tryin to be saved
they scream try harder, they say try another day
i say i'm just working my arse off tryin'a get paid
because I've not ate, its been a while since I had food on my plate
this affairs a sorry state, and look at all the money i've gone and saved
dust, string and buttons, isn't this just fucking great
still never refusing to lend money to a mate
because if they're hungry, I'm hungry, and I'd rather them be saved
because maybe then when I die, someone will visit my grave
at the minute I'm trying to get my priorities straight
I've got my nieces, my nephews, college and my mates
I've got my brother, my sister, so I need to earn a wage
because they've never had the things they've wanted
struggle to get the things they need
so this one goes out to them, I hope now that its plane to see
I'm going to make it one day, working till my fingers bleed
I'm going to look after my family, until I know my mum is proud of me
because she's been gone for a while now, I want to make sure she can R.I.P
I know that she is resting, I just need to believe that it is in piece
because the last thing that I'd want, is for her to ever worry


released January 12, 2015



all rights reserved


CXRLOS Manchester, UK

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