Look Alive


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First track penned and performed by myself.


Look Alive -


(Verse Uno)

Hello hello, I'm smiling upon my throne, once I've conquered Manchester, then I'm taking on the globe - I'll do anything, take any risk, I don't give a fuck if it affects the way I live, cos I had a dream, founded from being a kid, that I would be a rapper, that I would be doing this, and no matter what happens I'll be able to say I tried, look alive motherfucker look alive, strive to be the greatest, and thrive to achieve your goals, sleeps not a waste of time, it helps you discover your dreams, but then you've got to wake up and chase it, know what I mean? Don't stop till you have the arrogance of Charlie Sheen, and can look up in the mirror and smile at what you see, follow all your dreams at a million miles per hour, fuck it overtake your dreams, its not a chase its a race and you can win, you won't get lost without the guidance you'll accomplish more instead, raise your head, for every step backwards, take two forward, towards your accomplishments, towards everything you've lived for since, you discovered your subconscious is as ambitious as a kid, all I'm saying is look at your life, and tell me are you happy doing this?


(Verse Dos)

I was the depressed kid, with them cat scratches on his wrist, blood stained blade by the bed, keep it there "just incase" but then when my life got torn in two, I thought I ort to change my ways, I fought my thoughts till they was all smiley and clean, told myself I'd spit sick lyrics quick, drop a banger on a beat, because I didn't want to be called sick, twisted and a weird kid, for painting my wrists red, so with every thought I resisted, switched the blood red for a blue berol pen instead, and now I'm alive again, rebirthed to as happy as I was in 0-10, more alive than I was even then, never going to see me on that nine to five hype, because I'd just be depressed as shit thinking "this is my life" no, not again I've been in the dark before, but not this time, I'm not working just to bleed, I'm working just for me, I'm working so I can tell my future kids I followed all my dreams, I'm working so my mum can look down from the sky and say she's proud of me, I hope she's proud of me.



released August 21, 2014
Lyrics wrote and performed by Carl Brereton.
Hook and Instrumental by Spence Mills.



all rights reserved


CXRLOS Manchester, UK

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