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Remember when we said goodbye?
still I'm wondering why?
that ever happend, man did it rock my life
but nows not the time to cry, no not tonight
no longer want to die, I, started to realise
my life is more than meets the eye
sure I'm not the best but I can rock a beat
don't knock me G, the clocks in reverse it seems
because the older I get the more childish I act
Yeah I can be a twat, thats a fact
but thats because when my backs to the wall I react
get angry, attack, and from deep deep down I'm sorry for that
from today, thats all in the past
this cat had nine lives, but I think I've only got one left intact
I'll be the first person to say I'm not perfect
I've got a long list of things I regret
No one's here to keep me in check
Now I've got a list I check, to make sure I'm at my best
and it seems so far I've got expectations I've not nearly met
I'm getting better everyday and everyday I need a refresh
you aint seen the best of me yet
Theres certainly a beast in me
that beast will leave soon it seems
then you will meet the grim reaper he
kills beats and instramentals easily
double time, half the time, he can free
double check, rewind that beast is me


released January 13, 2015



all rights reserved


CXRLOS Manchester, UK

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